Ricstone Family Center

women for richstone

Women for Richstone engages like-minded, compassionate women who work together to create meaningful change. Through the power of collective giving, the group improves the lives of children and families at Richstone who have been impacted by child abuse and domestic violence.

Each member of Women for Richstone is asked to make an annual tax-deductible contribution of $2,000.
The group holds meetings twice a year, at which members learn more about key issues currently affecting women and children. These gatherings also include presentations about the work our programs are doing to address these challenges. At a designated annual meeting, members have the opportunity to vote on which Richstone program they’d like the group’s funds to support for the year.

We pool our charitable dollars to make a meaningful impact within selected programs at Richstone. Each year, members listen to presenters representing several programs and collectively vote on where the group’s combined donation will have the most meaningful impact.

If membership may not be right for you at this time, you can still make an impact through a donation. Every dollar helps us create life-changing opportunities for children and families trying to rebuild their lives.

women for richstone members

Anita Bronstein
Jenny Bronstein
Roberta Coppersmith
Robin DeWitt
Anne DeWitt Granick

Kate DeWitt Wodka
Jane Kallis
Katy Martin
Mary McClure

Vicki Patman
Helen Ristani
Karen Sidney
Mary Wilson