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A Legacy of Healing and Hope:

The Richstone Family Center Story

Since 1974, Richstone Family Center has been at the forefront of support and transformation in Los Angeles County. Beginning as a child abuse treatment program, we have grown into a beacon of hope, providing mental health support, educational programs, and community empowerment. Across five decades, our journey has been marked by the positive change we’ve created in countless families, with the amazing support of our community. As we commemorate our 50-year history, we continue to dedicate ourselves to growing safe, resilient families and to shaping a future of hope and limitless potential.

50th Anniversary Gala

On April 20, 2024, Richstone Family Center celebrated our milestone golden year with a record-setting gala event held on the lot at Sony Pictures Studios.


50 Heart Menders

Join us in celebrating these heroes, the Heart Menders of Richstone, as we honor their legacy and draw inspiration for the future. Please follow along each week and see who’s next.

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Our 50th-anniversary logo, a heart mended in Kintsugi style, symbolizes Richstone Family Center’s enduring mission. This design, featuring a heart with golden seams, embodies the Japanese art of Kintsugi, which beautifies brokenness. It represents our journey of healing and resilience, honoring the strength and renewed beauty in the families we serve. This logo is a testament to turning challenges into hope, reflecting our commitment to mending hearts and empowering communities.

How we mend hearts


Our trauma-informed therapy programs care for the well-being of the whole person and move children and families out of crisis and down a path of healing.


Our online groups and community workshops help build knowledge, coping skills and long-term resilience to create healthy relationships and stability within families.


Through programs like Kids Club and Parents As Teachers, our goal is to develop and support healthy and enriching home and community environments in which all children and families can live and thrive.

The Next 50 Years: Our Commitment for the Future

As we celebrate 50 wonderful years, we’re excited about what comes next. We’ve come a long way, but there’s still so much more we can do together. So, let’s step into this new adventure with hope and big smiles, ready to make more good things happen!

Providing Training for the Next Generation of Therapists

Dedicated to excellence in therapy, we're nurturing the future's healers and counselors through advanced training and mentorship programs.

Increasing Staff to Meet Growing Needs

As our community's needs grow, so does our team. We're expanding our staff to ensure every individual receives the care and attention they deserve.

Enhancing Family Mental Health and Resilience

Focusing on the heart of our community - the family - we're committed to enhancing mental health and building resilience for lasting well-being.

Expanding Partnerships

Strengthening collaborations with school, government and community partners to generate comprehensive solutions to address client needs.

Building Protective Factors

Strengthening families by fostering protective factors like parental resilience and social connections, to reduce risks and nurture growth.

Envisioning a Future of Security and Stability

Looking ahead, our vision is set on creating a future where security and stability are within reach for every child and family.

Help mend a broken heart today.

Richstone uniquely focuses on providing care to underserved, marginalized, and at risk populations, as well as specialized services to children and survivors of intimate partner violence.

Thousands of people need our specialized support in the greater Los Angeles area. With your help, we can expand our reach and connect with more families to provide them support when they need it most.

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