Our Impact

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For over 45 years, the Richstone Family Center has served our community as one of the first child abuse treatment and prevention programs in the state of California. Since 1974, we have been dedicated to eliminating trauma, strengthening and educating families, and preventing violence in homes, schools and communities.

The Problem We Are Solving

Child abuse is a global epidemic that causes suffering to young people every day. We need community members like you to help understand the breadth of these issues and join us in fighting them.

Many people don’t know the effects of child abuse, that reports are made every ten seconds, or that five young people die each day, or that 7.5 million children are affected each year. These stunning statistics may cause shock and dismay, but there is something that each of us can do to keep children safe and families whole.

What We Do

Through a combination of community, school, and center-based programs, Richstone Family Center strives to share our philosophy of early intervention, parent assistance, and by providing a safe environment to keep children and families protected. We provide individual and family therapy, after school programs, early childhood intervention, and parenting classes, among many other programs.

Who We Serve

Through a rich variety of programs, we serve communities all over Los Angeles County and the Greater South Bay. With support for victims, perpetrators, school-age children, and high-risk families, we both spearhead and partner with several social service organizations to further our mission.

Making a Difference

With the tremendous impact that COVID has had on the world, this past year has been challenging for everyone. In fact, reporting of domestic violence has gone up, whereas the reporting of child abuse has gone down 50% – most likely due to young people not being in school and not having the support of school staff.

Nevertheless, we persevere and have served a record number of 2,270 children and families this year. We are proud of and grateful for all the programs we can provide, including our newest Lennox, Math, Science, and Technology academy, which has served over 100 students. In addition, the Everychild Foundation Healing Center has been especially impactful with over 1900 people served.


Our website includes a variety of resources focused on the mind-body connection, which is known to help people manage stress and difficult emotions, including many videos on mindfulness, breathwork and stretching.

You can also find information, in both English and Spanish, on how to use Connect, an online system our clients can use to communicate with their therapists. You can also find resources on rental assistance, behavioral health, and our New Star Family Justice Center.

Please click below to read our 2021-2022 annual report.

2021-2022 Annual Report