Everychild Foundation Healing Center

More than three years in the making, Richstone is thrilled to unveil its new Everychild Foundation Healing Center!

The project was launched in 2016, when Richstone received a $1M grant from the Everychild Foundation. Now complete, the expanded facility houses 14 new therapy offices, a dedicated art therapy room and large multi-purpose community space that supports a broad spectrum of integrated trauma-focused treatment, wellness, and violence prevention programs for children and their families.

The Everychild Foundation Healing Center increases access to mental health and wellness programs for residents living in vulnerable, impoverished and high-need communities within L.A. County’s South Bay and South L.A. areas. In recent years, these regions have led the County in child fatalities due to caregiver abuse.

“Richstone serves parts of LA County that are experiencing a high concentration of gang violence, child-trafficking, drug-related crime, prostitution and poverty. There has been an increase in reported cases of child abuse in these areas, leading to a wait list of hundreds of families who seek services,” says Jacqueline Caster, Founder and President of the Everychild Foundation. “The Healing Center has the ability to improve the life trajectories of at-risk and abused children and their families, who lack access to quality mental health and wellness services.”

For more information about the Everychild Foundation Healing Center please contact Allison (310) 970-1921 ext 137 or click here for the full press release.

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