2020 richstone walk



dear richstone supporters:

First and foremost, we hope that you and your families are safe and secure during this difficult time. In agreement with the statewide "Safer At Home" initiatives limiting large public gatherings to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Richstone Walk on April 25, 2020, has been postponed.  

Protecting children is at the forefront of our minds and is even more critical in these uncertain times.  Many of our families are faced with loss of income, food shortages and fear of sickness.  For victims, being restricted to the home creates a particularly difficult situation in which it may be unsafe for them both in and outside of the home.  As a result, our position is to remain steadfast and ensure we are available to the children and families who need us.  While the physical Richstone offices are closed, our staff continue their commitment to providing therapy services to our clients through phone & video calls.  

We hope to be back on The Strand with you soon to take steps to prevent child abuse.  Until then, please consider virtually walking with us in observance of National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Richstone Walk registration and fundraising pages remain live and we are truly grateful for any donations given during this critical time. 

Thank you for your understanding,

2020 Richstone Walk Committee

congratulations to the 2019 winning walk teams!


1st Place: Oaktree

2nd: Wells Fargo
3rd: Team Kinecta


1st Place: Team Keira

2nd: Van Remmen Family & Friends
3rd: People and Puppies of the 8th Street


1st Place: Pennekamp School

2nd Place: Vistamar School
3rd Place: Team MCHS


1st Place: Team Primo

2nd Place: Team Caya Cunningham
3rd Place: Camp Run-A-Mutt LAX


Mary McClure


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