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Dear Friends of Richstone,

Due to challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and safety restrictions put in place by Los Angeles County, we have made the difficult decision to cancel this year’s Golf Tournament. In the event’s 33 year history, this will be the first time we have been unable to host the September gathering.  

With the loss of our major events this year, Richstone faces tremendous financial strain. At the same time, demand for our therapy and support services has risen dramatically as pandemic related stressors have increased rates of domestic violence and child abuse. Our local low-income and already vulnerable families have been particularly hard hit by COVID-19.

Now, more than ever, we need your help.

To spark a spirit of giving, Wells Fargo Capital Finance has generously continued their annual support of the event this year through a $25,000 matching grant. For those firms or individuals who are able, we ask you to consider making a donation to help us achieve our match. Your generosity allows us to continue providing services to more than 420 clients during this difficult time; families who are relying on us to give them the emotional and basic needs support to get them through each week.

We look forward to seeing you back on the course next September but, until then, please stay well. Your support through the years has meant so much to us and we thank you for belief in the work we do to keep children safe from abuse and violence.

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history of the tournament

In 1986, Rose, then a Richstone Family Center board member, and Dick Collins decided to host a small golf tournament at Bear Creek Country Club to benefit Richstone. They initially planned on four foursomes and hosting breakfast and dinner at their home on the course. Within weeks they’d doubled that number and by tee off time they had 120 players – the first annual Richstone Golf Classic was born!

A few years later the Collins turned over organization of the tournament to Pat Patman. Under his leadership, the classic moved to Palos Verdes Country Club and Don Klosterman was asked to lend his name to the event. Don was the force behind the scenes urging friends to play, to contribute, and to be a part of the Richstone family. Each year, Don would suggest that a more famous person take his place, but the committee continually rejected the idea.

Pat later handed down chairmanship of the event to Roger Van Remmen who, with the one-man sales force of Dennis Ascher, saw the opportunity to expand the classic by adding Rolling Hills Country Club as a second course. Over the years, Virginia Country Club in Long Beach has also served as an additional site for the tournament, but Palos Verdes Country Club has remained a constant.

Tom Harrington succeeded Roger as the chair in 1999, and expanded the tournament to include Outback Steakhouse on the two courses. In 2004, his son, Mike Harrington, along with Jake Courtney inherited chairmanship of the golf classic. Jim Jandro accepted leadership the following year, in 2005, and served as chair of the event for the next seven years.

During its history, different corporations have stepped forward to sponsor the event, but Wells Fargo has served as the title sponsor for the past nineteen years, helping to sell-out the tournament each year and bringing together a network of participants from across the country.

The tournament also continues to recognize Don Klosterman’s many years of service to the Richstone Family Center. Klosterman became one of professional football’s most prominent executives, building teams in three leagues after a skiing accident ended his career as a quarterback and left his legs partly paralyzed. He was a champion of Richstone and a true example of courage and strength.

event contacts

Tricia McLoughlin

Richstone Board Member

Cell: (310) 995-0213


Allison Tanaka

Richstone Staff

Office: (310) 970-1921 x137
Cell: (310) 918-7193

Lillian Ponce de Leon

Wells Fargo

Office: (310) 453-7372

Cell: (213) 926-1984


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